Stairmaster Vs Treadmill

Stairmaster Vs Treadmill: Differences Worth Knowing

All choices are based on differences. So do you know what the difference of Stairmaster and treadmill is? No? Let read the article below.

The American University of Sports Medicine recommends performing cardio exercises with moderate intensity and making them the main characters in most training programs. The ideal time is 150 minutes per week.

Choosing an exercise machine that enhances cardiovascular health is a difficult task for many people. Two of the most popular machines, the stairmaster and treadmill, offer a lot of features and effects.

But this makes decision making not done immediately.

Are you nodding and agreeing that you are also stuck in this question? If so, why don’t we look for answers now?

Features Of Treadmill

Features Of Treadmill

A treadmill seems to be the most popular exercise machine in the gym. You can easily see the number of treadmills always overwhelming the number of stair masters. Most treadmills are about 6.5 feet long, of course, a longer one may be more advantageous for you, but it is a reasonable length for the stride of a normal person.

As you know, the treadmill provides a flat and stable surface for walking and running. Of course, if you want to increase the difficulty of the exercise, you can still adjust the conveyor belt from 10% to 15% to increase the challenge.

Besides, most treadmills are equipped with other features like heart rate monitor, iPod and TV docks, USB port and wireless Internet connection, and cooling fan.

Features Of Stairmaster

The stairmaster is also called the stepmill. It is an exercise machine designed like stairs with a mini escalator moving continuously. You can imagine it similar to an endless staircase.

Most users commented that exercise with the stairmaster is more difficult than exercising with the treadmill, especially for beginners. You need to pay attention to lift and set foot on the stairs to not stumble.

Because this type of exercise machine is not so popular and its price is quite expensive, you will not have many options. Most stairmasters are designed appropriately, but you can still adjust its resistance and speed. For beginners, this is really meaningful.

Features Of Stairmaster

Calorie Burned

Compared to other exercise machines, the stairmaster and treadmill help burn a large number of calories, especially when you exercise at high intensity. The number of calories burned will depend heavily on the weight, training intensity and training time.

You can walk or run on the treadmill. For a person who weighs 160 pounds, in an hour, walking at 2 miles per hour will help burn about 204 calories, while walking at a speed of 3.5 miles per hour will make 314 calories burned. If he/she runs at 5 miles per hour, the calories burned are 600 calories, and at 8 miles per hour, the calories burned are 861 calories.

With a similar comparison of weight, if a person weighs 160 pounds and exercises on the stairmaster then after an hour, 657 calories will be burned. However, you need to understand that stepping on the stairs is quite intense so you can only maintain a few minutes for each exercise. High endurance is essential.


The treadmill primarily supports leg muscles. Of course, it still affects other muscles, but if it’s about efficiency, the leg muscles are the most beneficial. However, the stair master helps to affect more muscle groups, namely muscles in the calves, thighs, and buttocks. Besides, it also allows you to improve your practice by walking up sideways and backwards.

According to a study in Medicine and Science magazine in sports and exercise, exercise with the treadmill and stairmaster helps female athletes improve VO2max aerobic capacity, thus helping them to run faster.

Another study published in the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation revealed that these both exercise machines improve the exercise ability of patients with the peripheral vascular occlusive disease. Therefore, if you want to achieve the highest efficiency, alternate between the treadmill and the stairmaster.


For beginners, to ensure safety, you should use guardrails with both the treadmill and stairmaster. Ideally, you should set manual mode so that you can actively control your speed and reduce the speed any time you need.

If you are having problems with your balance or knees, you need a doctor’s advice before starting a training plan. According to researchers at the University of Ulster, exercise with exercise machines at unfit individuals can make their heart rate reach 85% up to more than 10 minutes. This frees free radicals and causes negative impacts.

Stairmaster Vs Treadmill


Choosing which exercise machine, the treadmill or stairmaster, also depends on the space you can afford it. Usually, you need at least 6 feet of open space behind the treadmill to minimize the risk of injury if you fall. As for the stairmaster, it doesn’t cost as much space as the treadmill, but you need to make sure your ceiling is high enough so you don’t have any trouble standing on the machine.

So, with the above information, which one is your choice, the treadmill or stairmaster? Note that no choice is perfect because each exercise machines has its advantages and disadvantages. Listen to your body. And if you’re still wondering about anything, Home Body Guide is always here and readies to answer.

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