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Pure Singlewall

Bat is a single piece construction with no inner linings or other construction.

Singlewall with Reinforcement

Bat is a single piece construction, however an inner or outer lining has been applied to reinforce the bat and allow for a thinner wall design.

Singlewall Two Piece (no composite)

While the barrel is technically a singlewall construction, the bat generates doublewall-like power by a two-piece construction that creates additional flex at the taper.

Singlewall/Composite Handle

Again, technically a singlewall barrel, however now the entire handle flexes thanks to a composite construction.

Pseudo Multiwall

Early alternate attempts at the goal of the multiwall design. Instead of a true second wall, something else was placed inside the bat to allow for a thinner exterior wall.

Multiwall Aluminum

A two or more walled design of an aluminum bat. The additional walls allow for a thin exterior wall that creates a greater trampoline affect and typically a larger sweet spot.

Multiwall Composite/Aluminum Blend

A multiwall bat where either the interior or exterior wall is a composite material, but aluminum is still part of the construction. Also, multiwall bats with composite handles.

100% Composite

Entire bat is a composite construction. Despite arguably being "singlewall" (all are Titanium for that matter), these bats generally perform as well or better than multiwall bats.


Banned from most leagues, these older bats generally exceed BPF 1.20 and are made of a high percentage of titanium.

Senior League

Bats that are illegal in everything but Senior and Outlaw leagues. Basically, the hottest bats in existance.


Non ASA are bats currently on the illegal for ASA Championship Play List.


Fastpitch are bats designed for fastpitch that appear fairly commonly in slowpitch. There also are many fastpitch versions of slowpitch listed here, but they all should clearly say "Fastpitch" on the bat. While it should be up to the league director if these are legal in co-ed leagues, they really seem to have no place in a men's slowpitch league since shenanigans occasionally occur.

PSTs are noted as Titanium Shell because their shells contain a high percentage of the material and often are lumped in with composites due to this when leagues place "no composites or titanium" rules. While not as hot as true titanium bats, they generally perform better than typical multiwall bats.


Exceeds BPF 1.2 refers to the "outlaw" bats fad that came out in the late 90's. While technically "illegal", their advantages over other bats in their class are marginal at best.


Primitive refers to early efforts at this class of bat. They all are pretty bad however, and could all likely safely and fairly be used at the pure singlewall level if somebody actually really wanted to use one bad enough.

Bat Note
Easton Typhoon  
Powerflite HPC Primitive
Powerflite Rich Plante Primitive
Toloso Maximus Composite Core and Handle
Toloso Primo Composite Core and Handle
TPS Titanium  
Worth Stinger  
Worth Ti2  
Worth Ti51  
Senior League  
Baden Axe Senior  
Boombah Cannon Not 1.20
Boombah Senior  
Combat Original Da Bomb Blue (ORISP1) Not 1.20
Combat Original Da Bomb EL Red (ANAE10)  
Combat Original Da Bomb Gray (ANA)  
Combat Senior Gear Mike Macenko (SEN-GR)  
Demarini Geezer  
Jak'd Nemesys Also NSA Legal
Miken Ultra II (Black)  
Miken Ultra II Advanced (Black)  
Miken Ultra II Legacy (Gray)  
Miken Ultra II Maxload (Red)  
Miken Ultra Special Edition  
Rip-It Elite Senior (Yellow) Not 1.20
Veteran Senior  
Worth Launch 510 (L510 Gold)  
Worth Launch 510 Senior (Red)  
Worth Toxic XXX  
100% Composite  
Advanced Composites Launch Tube Primitive
Akadema Catapult Black  
Akadema Xtension Catapult  
Albin Incinerator ASA  
Albin Incinerator USSA Non ASA
Albin Lady Incinerator  Fastpitch
Anderson Matrix  
Combat Afflicted  
Combat Anti-Virus  
Combat B1 Da Bomb Non ASA
Combat B198 B1SP2  
Combat B198 Da Bomb (B1SP2)  
Combat B198 Signature Series  
Combat B1FP Da Bomb Fastpitch
Combat B1SP Da Bomb  Non ASA
Combat Bryson Baker Gear Virus   
Combat C4  
Combat C4FP (C4FP1) Fastpitch
Combat Dan Smith Plague   
Combat Derby Boys Non ASA
Combat Gear Afflicted   
Combat Gear Supremacy   
Combat Gear Virus  
Combat Gear Virus Scott Brown  
Combat Lady Virus Non ASA / Fastpitch
Combat Morphed  
Combat Morphed FP (VIMFP1) Fastpitch
Combat SX3 Censored  
Combat SX3 Uncensored Non ASA
Combat Throttle  
Combat Wood (JM26) Non ASA
Combat Virus  
Combat Virus Enhanced Non ASA
Combat Virus FP (VIRFP1) Fastpitch
Combat Virus Morphed  
Combat Virus Morphed FP (VIMFP1) Fastpitch
Combat Virus Plague Non ASA
Combat Virus Players Model Non ASA
Decker Enigma  
Decker Jump Primitive
Demarini CF3 (Black) Fastpitch
Demarini CF3 (Gold) Fastpitch
Demarini CF4 Fastpitch
Demarini Creature  
Demarini Evo (Blue) Fastpitch
Demarini Evo (Silver)  
Demarini Evo (Yellow) Non ASA
Demarini Evo Ax  
Demarini J2  
Demarini J2 120 Non ASA
Demarini J2 Flyswatter  
Demarini Juggernaught  
Demarini Juggernaught OTC Non ASA
Demarini Juice Non ASA
Demarini LC Legend Non ASA
Demarini One  
Demarini One 120 Non ASA
Demarini One Misery Loves Company  
Demarini Onyx Fastpitch
Demarini Phenix Fastpitch
Demarini RD28   
Demarini RD28 120 Non ASA
Easton Stealth (SCN9)  
Easton Stealth CNT (SCN5/SCN7)  
Easton Stealth CNT + (SCN6) Non ASA
Easton Stealth CNT FP (SCN5/6/7B) Fastpitch
Easton Synergy Non ASA
Easton Synergy + Non ASA
Easton Synergy Clear (SCL1)  
Easton Synergy CNT Flex + Non ASA
Easton Synergy CNT Flex 98 (SCN8)  
Easton Synergy CNT FP (SCN2B/SCN8B) Fastpitch
Easton Synergy Crystal (SCL1B) Fastpitch
Easton Synergy Extended (SCX3)  
Easton Synergy Extra Stiff (SCL2)  
Easton Synergy Fastpitch (SCN2B) Fastpitch
Easton Synergy II Non ASA
Easton Synergy Reveal (SRV1)  
Easton Synergy Reveal BH (SRV2)  
Easton Synthesis Non ASA
Jak'd Blackout Non ASA
Jak'd Nemesis Non ASA
Mattingly Baseball Beast (black handle) Non ASA
Mattingly Baseball Beast 98 (BST98)  
Miken Camo 484  
Miken Chaos  
Miken Decoy  
Miken Edge  
Miken Freak Non ASA
Miken Freak 98  
Miken Freak DST  
Miken Freak Limited  
Miken Freak Plus Non ASA
Miken Freak Plus Players Model Non ASA
Miken Intensit-e Fastpitch
Miken Long Haul Bomber  
Miken Maniac 282  
Miken Maniac 484  
Miken Mega Maniac 585 Non ASA
Miken M-Pulse Fastpitch
Miken MV-1  
Miken MXB  
Miken Nemesis  
Miken NRG 500  
Miken NRG 600 Non ASA
Miken OKC Fastpitch
Miken Psycho  
Miken Recoil Orange Non ASA
Miken Recoil Red  
Miken Super Freak Maxload Non ASA
Miken Ultra Outlaw Leagues only
Miken Velocit-E  
Miken Velocit-E II  
Miken Vicious  
Mizuno Blur Advanced Non ASA
Mizuno Blur ASA  
Mizuno Craze  
Mizuno Craze Xxtreme Non ASA
Mizuno Crush Comp  
Mizuno Envy  
Mizuno Frenzy  
Mizuno Frenzy 120 Non ASA
Mizuno Frenzy II  
Mizuno Frenzy II Extreme Non ASA
Mizuno Frenzy Rusty B  
Mizuno Frenzy Rusty B 120 Non ASA
Mizuno Wrath  
Mizuno Wrath 120 Non ASA
Mizuno Wrath Extended  
Mizuno Wrath Extended 120 Non ASA
Mizuno Wrath II  
Mizuno Wrath II 120 Non ASA
Nokoma Tomahawk Non ASA
Rawlings Plasma Fusion  
Rawlings Plasma Fusion FP Fastpitch
Rawlings Rush 120 Non ASA
Rawlings Rush 98  
Rebook Dictator  
Rebook Dictator Plus Non ASA
Rebook Melee  
Rebook Vector-O  
Rip-It Elite (Black)  
Rip-It Elite (Yellow) Fastpitch
Rip-It Force Fastpitch
Rip-It Reaper (REAP1) Non ASA
Rip-It Reaper (REAP2 & REAP4)  
Schutt + (Red) Non ASA
Schutt + (Silver) Non ASA
Sluggo Outlaw Leagues only
TPS Catalyst ASA SB206  
TPS Catalyst FPC305 Non ASA / Fastpitch
TPS Catalyst SB105 Non ASA
TPS Genesis SB103  
TPS Genesis SB34 Non ASA
TPS Maverick  
TPS Nexus  
TPS Triton  
TPS Voltage  
Worth BJ Fulk Mayhem Non ASA
Worth Greg Connell M75120 Mayhem Non ASA
Worth Jeff Hall Mayhem M7 120 (JHM7120) Non ASA
Worth Jeff Hall Mayhem M7 98 (JHM798)  
Worth Jeff Hall Mayhem M75 98 (JHM7598)  
Worth Jeff Hall Mutant 120 (MUTJH1) Non ASA
Worth Jeff Hall Mutant 98 (MUTJHA)  
Worth Jeff Hall Titan Non ASA
Worth JH Mayhem M75 120 (JHM75120) Non ASA
Worth Mayhem 120 (MAY120) Non ASA
Worth Mayhem 98 (MAY98)  
Worth Mayhem Comp Non ASA
Worth Mayhem M7 120 (M7120) Non ASA
Worth Mayhem M7 98 (M798)  
Worth Mayhem M75 120 (M75120) Non ASA
Worth Mayhem M75 98 (M7598)  
Worth Mutant 120 Non ASA
Worth Mutant 98 (Mut98)  
Worth Mutant HD Non ASA
Worth Resmondo Mutant HD Non ASA
Worth Resmondo Titan Non ASA
Worth Titan (yellow text)  Non ASA
Worth Titan 98 (SBTTNA, green text)   
Worth Toxic  
Multiwall Composite/Aluminum Blend  
DeMarini Dark Non ASA Composite Handle
DeMarini F2 Composite Handle
DeMarini F3 Composite Handle
Demarini F375 Composite Handle
DeMarini F4 Composite Handle
Easton CV12 Composite Core
Miken HHD Primitive
Miken Infinity Fastpitch
Miken T22C6 Titanium Core
Miken Viper 12  
Miken Viper 14  
Mizuno Crush 2  
Mizuno Crush G3  
Mizuno Crush G4  
Mizuno Crush G5  
Mizuno Techfire Crush (Orange)  
Mizuno Techfire Crush Reissue Non ASA
Mizuno Techfire Fastpitch (White) Fastpitch
Mizuno Techfire Fury (Red)  
Mizuno Techfire Original (Black)  
Mizuno Techfire Rage (Blue)  
Powerhouse Intimidator 2  
Rawlings ACL  
Rawlings Silverback  
Rawlings Silverback 2  
Toledo Crimson Katana  
Toledo Jade Katana Fastpitch
Toledo Katana Tiger Metal Handle and Core
Toledo Sapphire Katana Fastpitch
TPS H2 XXL (SBXH2D) Composite Handle
Worth 3DX Metal Handle and Core
Worth Amp Fastpitch/Composite Handle
Worth Amp EST Jeff Hall Composite Handle
Worth Asylum 120 Non ASA
Worth Asylum 98  
Worth Hybrid EST (HYBEST) Composite Handle/Metal Core
Worth Mayhem Hybrid Composite Handle and Core
Worth Wicked Composite (WWSC only) Non ASA
Worth Wicked Composite (WWSCA only)  
Worth Wicked Insanity WIC120 Non ASA
Multiwall Aluminum  
Aerodyne Supertrick  
Anderson Rockettech  
Anderson Rockettech Composite Killer (CK)  
Anderson Rockettech FP Fastpitch
Anderson Rockettech Reloaded Non ASA
Anderson Techwrap 11" Shell (Red)  
Anderson Techwrap 12" Shell (Black)  
Anderson Techzilla  
Anderson Techzilla Composite Killer (CK)  
Anderson Techzilla FP Fastpitch
Anderson Techzilla Reborn Non ASA
Anderson Wraptech  
AST Max Force  
Bombat TD2  
Debeer Clincher EST  
DeMarini 375 MX  
DeMarini B-52  
DeMarini Classic  
DeMarini Demolition  
DeMarini Distance  
DeMarini Distance Ax  
DeMarini Distance Lite  
DeMarini Double Wall  
DeMarini Fatboy  
DeMarini Rayzr Ax  
DeMarini Rayzr FP Fastpitch
DeMarini Ultimate Distance Doublewall  
Easton Tri-Shell  
Easton Tri-Shell Connexion Two-piece
Grover Dual Shell Platinum  
Grover Platinum II  
Grover Tornado  
Grover/Trump Viper II Not Released
Hale Sports Storm  
Kelley Wraptech  
Nike Air Max Thrust 45 PSI (BT0035)  
Nike Air Storm  
Nike Air Storm GPT  
Nike Athena MW Fastpitch
Nike Storm GPT (BT0025, BT0024)  
Nike Surge  
Ombac Over-The-Line  
One Cryo Equalizer 2  
Powerhouse 1.5 Exceeds BPF 1.2
Powerhouse Ozone  
Powerhouse Ozone II  
Rawlings Plasma 120 Non ASA
Rawlings Plasma 98  
RC Stroker  
Rip-It Reaper BCT (REAP3 only)  
Steele's 7178 (XLT-7178, XXLT-7178, XXLT-G-7178)  
Steele's 7178 XLT  
Steele's 7178 XLTG  
Steele's Alien  
Steele's C555  
Steele's C555 (Green)  
Steele's Impact 2  
Steele's Laserflex (XLT, XL3)  
Steele's Laserflex 2-wall  
Steele's Turboflex  
Steele's Turboflex (XLT-6, XLT-4)  
Steele's XXX  
Storm Napalm  
TNT Power  
TPS Double Action (SB-29)  
TPS Double Threat (SB-26)  
TPS Dynasty XXL  
TPS Gen1X  
TPS Gen1X XXL (SB-203)  
TPS Response Ti XXL Not Released/Titanium Inner Core
TPS Response XXL Non ASA
TPS Springsteel Outlaw Exceeds BPF 1.2
TPS Warrior XXL Balanced ASA  
TPS Warrior XXL Balanced SB305 Non ASA
TPS Warrior XXL End Load ASA  
TPS Warrior XXL End Load SB405 Non ASA
TPS XXL (SB-27, SB-37, SB-36)  
Vinci Invincible Not Released
Worth Blade EST  
Worth CU31 SHELL  
Worth EST (All Models)  
Worth GX4  
Worth Lithium Edge  
Worth Lithium EST  
Worth Lithium TNT  
Worth Max 120 Non ASA
Worth Prodigy  
Worth PST 98 Titanium Shell
Worth PST OC Non ASA/Titanium Shell
Worth PST Quad Fastpitch/Lithium Shell
Worth PST Vanadium Titanium Shell
Worth PST120 Non ASA/Titanium Shell
Worth PST137 Titanium Shell
Worth PST137 100mph Max Non ASA/Titanium Shell
Worth PST137 Xtra Titanium Shell
Worth PST98Z Titanium Shell
Worth PSTZ98 Titanium Shell
Worth Quad Fastpitch -9 (EST9, XEST9X, QESTFP) Non ASA Fastpitch
Worth Quad Shell  
Worth Revolver EST  
Worth Wicked Max Non ASA
Worth Wicked Slowpitch (except WWSB) Non ASA
Worth Wicked Whiplash  
Worth WS23 EST (All Models)  
Pseudo Multiwall  
Debeer Shockwave Coiled Inner Core
Nike Air Tsunami Air Capsule
TPS Air Attack Air Capsule
TPS Air Attack Air Capsule
TPS Air Attack 3 Air Capsule
TPS Air Attack II Air Capsule
TPS Air Inertia AI Air Capsule, Coiled Inner Core
TPS Air Inertia AI-E Air Capsule, Coiled Inner Core
TPS Inertia Coiled Inner Core
TPS Springsteel Coiled Inner Core
Singlewall/Composite Handle  
DeMarini Black Steel  
DeMarini Gray Steel  
DeMarini Red Steel  
DeMarini Vendetta Fastpitch
DeMarini Venum  
DeMarini Vexxum  
Demarini Vexxum FP Fastpitch
DeMarini White Steel  
Dudley Fusion Primitive
Dudley Fusion 2 Primitive
Easton CXN  
Easton Stealth  
Easton SV12  
Easton SV12 Flex-65  
Easton SV12 Ozone  
TPS H2 (SBXH2)  
Singlewall Two Piece (no composite)  
Demarini Raw Steel  
Easton Connexion (all except ST10) Inner Lining
Easton Connexion (ST10) No inner lining
Easton Quantum Carbon-Fiber Handle
West Virginia 625 Wood Barrel/Metal Handle
Singlewall with Reinforcement  
*Anderson Nanotek FP Fastpitch
*Anderson Nanotek SP Non-ASA
*Anderson Nanotek SPA  
*Note: Technically, Nanotek is a "metal composite" and hits better than most (arguably all) doublewalls.  More info with this link.
Easton C-Core  
Easton Redline C-Core  
Easton Redline Z-Core  
Easton Reflex C-Core  
Easton Reflex Z-Core  
Easton Ti-Core  
Easton Z-Core  
Easton Z-Core Titanium (SZ70-ZB, SZ70-Z)  
TPS C555  
Pure Singlewall  
Adidas Vanquish Fastpitch
Akadema Xtension  
Anderson Fasttech Fastpitch
Anderson Flextech  
Anderson KSP  
Anderson Pyrotech  
Anderson Pyrotech FP Fastpitch
Bombat Daddario  
Bombat Hollow Point  
Bombat Ice Bruce Meade  
Bombat Johnny Ice  
Catapult C405  
DeBeer Clincher Silver  
DeBeer Icon  
DeMarini Bruiser  
DeMarini Deemo  
Demarini Destroyer  
DeMarini Medusa Fastpitch
Demarini Nitro  
Demarini Nitro FP Fastpitch
Demarini Patriot Fastpitch
Demarini Reactor Fastpitch
DeMarini Ultimate Weapon  
Dudley Assault  
Dudley Assault II  
Easton Black Magic  
Easton Black Max  
Easton Cyclone  
Easton Diamond Pro  
Easton Hammer  
Easton Havoc  
Easton React  
Easton Rebel Exceeds BPF 1.2
Easton Redline (except Z or C-Core)  
Easton Redline Schuck  
Easton Redline Sunbelt  
Easton Reflex (except Z or C-Core)  
Easton Reflex Joerling  
Easton Reflex Rebel (SRX9R) Exceeds BPF 1.2
Easton Reflex Schuck  
Easton S63428  
Easton SE910  
Easton SK17  
Easton SK7  
Easton Smoke  
Easton Smoker  
Easton Spectre  
Easton Triple 7 (SC777)  
Easton Typhoon (SK50B) Fastpitch
Easton V12  
Easton V12 Flex-65  
Easton V12 Ozone  
Easton X-Treme  
Grover Gold  
Grover MVP  
Grover Silver  
Mizuno Blaze Fastpitch
Mizuno Ice Fastpitch
Nike Athena SW Fastpitch
Nike Battaboom  
Nike Black Powder  
Nike Bomber  
Nike El Loco  
Nike Hawk  
Nike Igniter  
Nike Imara Fastpitch
Nike KAOS  
Nike Keystone  
Nike Keystone Gold  
Nike Show  
Nike Storm  
Nike Swoosh  
One Cryo Equalizer  
One Cryo Equalizer (not One Cryo Equalizer 2)  
One Cryo Stealth  
Paragon Big Cat  
Patriot Scandium Super950  
Powerflite Aerodyne  
Powerflite JA-7 ERC  
Powerflite WCS  
Powerhouse Extreme 2 Distance  
Powerhouse Troy Brumbalow  
Powerhouse Xtreme  
Rawlings Fuel  
Rawlings Paramount  
Rawlings Powerforged  
Rawlings Triumph  
Steele's Blue  
Steele's Laserflex  
Steele's Storm  
Toledo Inferno  
TPS 3426  
TPS 3433  
TPS Advanced Player (SB30)  
TPS Armor  
TPS C2000  
TPS C405 Dirk Androff Signature model  
TPS C405 Plus  
TPS Dirk Androff  
TPS Dynasty Power dome  
TPS Gamer  
TPS Gold  
TPS Grand Slam  
TPS Momentum  
TPS Outlaw Exceeds BPF 1.2
TPS Power Dome  
TPS Powerized  
TPS Response Power Dome  
TPS Ritch's Superior  
TPS Samurai Fastpitch
TPS SB20  
TPS SB23  
TPS SB24  
TPS Silver Slugger  
TPS Warrior Power dome  
Wilson Beast  
Worth BBWR  
Worth Blade (W8SB)  
Worth Carl Rose Supercell  
Worth Clincher  
Worth Excalibur  
Worth Insanity (W4SB7 and Alxsbw)  
Worth Lithium Amp Fastpitch
Worth MG46 (SSMG)  
Worth NWLH2  
Worth Powercell  
Worth Powerzone  
Worth SBAB  
Worth SBBA  
Worth SBP  
Worth Silencer  
Worth Silencer X  
Worth SS130  
Worth SSB12  
Worth SSBP02  
Worth SSLLC  
Worth SSRHC  
Worth SSWR2  
Worth Supercell  
Worth Supercell VT  
Worth SW2  
Worth SW4  
Worth SWBTB  
Worth SWS23  
Worth UltraFlex  
Worth Wicked (WWSB only)  

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