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Silverback Innertech PHOTO
Why It Exists
Similar to the F2 and Powerhouse I2, Rawlings attempted to make an aluminum exterior wall, composite inner core bat.
What People Say
You'll see a surprising number of people say they've hit their longest non-Ultra hits with a Silverback. In fact, I'm yet to see a negative review of it. It gives hope that the rumored all composite Rawlings bat will be a winner too.
My Impressions
I liked the bat a lot. It's clearly one of the better aluminum bats on the market. Large sweetspot and very easy to swing. In theory, it's durable too with the exterior wall full of Scandium (my guess is it would be similar to a Gold EST for durability).
Personal Usage
Low Comp
Fair Price
A couple of Batting Practices
8 6 5 $140

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