Don't let this happen to you.

So I discovered I'm not 18 any more. While crunching on a project, I discovered my diet of a Venti Starbucks and donuts for lunch, McDonalds for lunch, Taco Bell for dinner, and lots of snacks from the vending machine could not be negated by drinking Diet Pepsi and occasionally going to the batting cages. Life isn't fair. So I gained close to 30 pounds in 3 months. Not a pretty sight. So what did I do? The same thing I do every year around this time to clean up at the annual company weight loss challenge. I ran, worked out, and ate low fat and calorie food with high protein. Not revolutionary, but it worked.

I’m a big believer in food volume. I think you should always look for bang for calorie and you are better off eating a can of soup or big salad than an energy bar. Also, try to drink a ton of water. The key in not overeating is to fill your stomach with all the low calorie crap you can without getting sick of it too quickly. Also, try to basically reverse your diet and eat more in the morning and afternoon than dinner. There’s really some truth to the difficulty in burning food you eat after 8pm.

For breakfast, I've read that milk can help weight loss. Also, you really want to take in some calories to get your metabolism going. So I went with a pretty standard cereal on most days. I like Go Lean Crunch, but probably just about anything that isn't pure sugar could be used here.

For lunch, my secret weapon is eating tuna with carrots like it's a dip. Tuna is pretty much the perfect diet food. Low calorie, high protein, and little fat. The only problem is that pesky mercury. There was a good article about protecting yourself on As far as the tuna dip goes, I mix in relish and the lowest calorie/fat mayo I can find that's on sale. Also, to fight the blandness, I put a lot of hot sauce in it (but I'm sure mustard does the trick as well). There also were more recepies here.

Dinner you want to eat light. If I'm running the next day, I might go pasta (I'm anti-Atkins), but pretty much you can get away with whatever diet food you can stomach here. I've just been eating whatever my wife has been since she's been doing weight watchers and it's been working well for here.

As far as snacks go, I try to eat fruit like Apples and Bananas. But like dinner, just get whatever isn't too heavy on the calories and carries you through.

There was an article on Men's Fitness about the only supplements that really work. On a lark, I grabbed some of the Green Tea supplements. I think they actually work. I don't know and kind of doubt if they really "burn belly fat fast", but I think there's some real truth to the curbing your appetite. It's full of caffeine obviously, so I'd recommend curbing the diet sodas and drinking more water if you go this route.

Workouts are pretty dependant on the person. Personally, I’ve always been a runner. So I just tried to run two of every three days and hit the weights the days I don’t run. It’s pretty simple math. The bigger and stronger your muscles, the more calories you burn even when your just sitting in front of a computer.

Well, that’s my story for better or worse. Good luck with your off-season workouts. They’re guaranteed to make you pop up 10% higher.




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