Here is a list of do-it-yourself softball equipment.

BP Partner: Need to get your aggressions out? What better way to build up bat speed through that ball than wailing away on a tire. BP Partner is the perfect hitting tool to have in your backyard.


The Sledgehammer: Dave Parker and Gary Sheffield can't be wrong. I recommend going to the local hardware store and finding a hammer that's not easy to swing, but still not to heavy that you can't take a fairly normal cut. I recommend putting padded grip tape on it as well. Not only can they be a little slick (you don't want to put a hole in your wall), but they tend to tear up your hands after a while if you leave it bare wood. Then take 20 swings right handed, 10 left handed, take a break... repeat. I did this one Summer working graveyard security and I swear I added at least 30 feet to my hits.

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