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The Mieske Bat is believed to possess the power to bring clarity of thought to all beings, but often can be found slumming as a softball player in the San Francisco Bay Area when not working. Although seemingly just a piece of wood, the Mieske Bat possesses the proportional power and abilities of an average 6'3" 210lb D league clean up hitter.






Just get it.


9 Chances are you'll love it.
Hale Sports 8

Highly recommended.

Kelley 7 If you like the brand you should like it.
Miken 6 It's okay, but there are better options.
Mizuno 5 Average at best.
Powerhouse 4 You probably should avoid.
Rawlings 3 Bad.
  2 Horrid.
  1 Worst bat ever.
Fair price is based on a very good condition returnable bat. Just an opinion and those prices obviously can and will fluctuate from time to time. Also, assume that singlewall bats are graded on a softer scale than multiwall bats with the possible exception against mush balls.
Get to know the Mieske Bat: After MB's historic major league baseball playing days were over, it retired to pursue solving life's more important puzzles of curing cancer, world peace, why Freddie Prince Jr gets work and, of course, what is the best softball bat. MB's opinions are based on use of mostly .44 core Worth Gold Dots in open field leagues. The Mieske Bat tries to use all fields, but tends to hit to right center mostly. If you truly want to understand the Mieske Bat and determine any of its existing prejudices, you may want to examine its history. The Mieske Bat used Easton bats exclusively for many years before finally growing tired of them denting exactly one year and one month after the purchase date. The Mieske Bat then switched to TPS, but remained restless never getting comfortable with any of them. Then the Mieske Bat discovered the wonders of using Demarini in singlewall only leagues and Worth in multi-wall. Now the Mieske Bat is typically seen hitting with Miken and Grover products. The reviews are purely the Mieske Bat's opinion and MB actually recommends that every batter is different and you'll never really know what works for you until you try. So still feel free to blame the recommended bat if you pop up, write posts on the message board saying what a big stupid head the Mieske Bat is, or continue to use that Ti-Core just to spite the Mieske Bat. It really doesn't care, it's just wood.

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